Christmas 2007
Tip #4

Records/Tapes to CD...

So you've got
an old record collection of LP's, 45's & 78's, a stack of cassettes or maybe some reel to reel tapes of Grandpa's. The dilemma is how to listen to them. Most of us don't have a record player or reel to reel player and that old cassette player is on its last leg.

If any of these recordings are one-of-a-kind, you need to consider the age and condition of the recordings because each day they are slowly deteriorating. Magnetic tape does not have a long shelf life and records can easily break or warp. The solution….transfer your collection of audio memories to CD & MP3.

Today's technology provides an excellent listening platform and a stable way of archiving and preserving your audio memories. A typical 700mg. CD-R holds approximately 80 minutes of CD quality music. Music can be separated into individual tracks just like a record. These tracks can also be titled and even categorized. The best part is the majority of the cracks, hisses and other unwanted audio noise can be dramatically reduced through digital technology.

Here's how it works. Let's use an LP record with 10 songs on it for an example. The record is transferred into the computer via a sound card which passes through a compressor to help control volume and peaking of very loud audio signals and is recorded into the computer using digital audio software. Each side of the record can be cut into individual tracks and arranged in the same sequence as it is on the original record (i.e. Side One tracks 1-5 and Side Two tracks 6-10). At that point, enhanced audio plug-ins can be applied which removes any unwanted cracks, pops, hissing, etc. and adjusts the audio levels and equalization (audio frequencies). The files or tracks are saved to a master CD-R from which additional copies can be made.

When the job is done correctly by a trained audio technician, the results are simply amazing!

You can also create a custom package for your CD with a full color insert, CD label and CD jewel case to match your original recording, personal style or family history.

For you iPod/Cell phone/Internet users…audio tracks can be saved as Mp3's and loaded into your iPod, Cell phone (if it has audio playback capabilities) or emailed to family and friends. Saving your audio memories and listening to them over and over again couldn't be easier. Benefit now by utilizing some of today's incredible digital technology.

Here's more information on Records/Tapes-to-CD or insuring your memories.

To hear before and after samples of Enhanced Audio, click here.

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