Christmas 2007
Tip #6

Insuring Your Memories...

Our greatest and happiest moments in life are often captured on photos and other media. Capturing these special moments is an integral part of the fun and excitement surrounding some of life’s most significant events ... all part of what makes each life so unique.

Unfortunately, we are not unique in the lack of preparedness to preserve and protect our memories and we are sorely unprepared for the loss we would experience, should we discover that decades of our most prized events have been destroyed by an accident or a natural disaster.

Think about it. If you had to choose any item you could save from a fire, flood or earthquake, my guess is that you would likely grab a prized photo album or family video. Because keeping these memories provides a graphic portrayal of yesterday, if you neglect and do not preserve them, some of your history will fade away along with those most meaningful sights & sounds.

Fortunately, through digital duplication technology, there are steps you can take to avoid this kind of devastating loss. These copies are like insurance policies, they protect you in case of disaster because you cannot rely on outdated media formats- no matter how well you’ve stored them.

Over time, your treasured collections stored in basements, attics and garages will be exposed to moisture, mold, fumes and vapors, which will accelerate deterioration of film, magnetic tape, photos, film and vinyl. In general, photographs fade and magnetic tape breaks down in time.

Your collection of family videos on VHS could be well over 20 years old while at the same time, the VCR players are scarce and often outdated as well.

The best advice is to digitally transfer your photo/media memories to a CD or DVD before the worst happens. They can be easily copied and stored to preserve your family heritage for generations to come.

Here's more information on insuring your memories.

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